In addition to “A Sound Educationwe also offer convenient self-scheduling. Appointments may be scheduled up to 50 weeks in advance, and rescheduled or canceled 24 hours a day.  

Future Clients

Prior to beginning classes, we offer a 30-minute complimentary consultation.  During this introduction, Edward will provide a brief lesson and answer any questions you may have about our services.

 Schedule a Complimentary Consultation 

If you require further assistance, please
Contact Us.

Secure payments may be made by clicking the payment button below.

Current Clients please use one of the Scheduling Portal links below to book according to your class type and enrollment.

Studio Class Scheduling

Weekly, biweekly, and semiweekly clients Click the following link

Scheduling Portal

Á La Carte Schedule & Pay

Á La Carte clients Click the following link

Scheduling Portal

  • You may access your appointment via the following:
  • Initial confirmation email
  • 24-hour reminder email
  • From your calendar (if you have saved the appointment to your calendar)

Registration Is Optional :

Registration is not required to use this new scheduler. However, cancelling and rescheduling appointments will only be available via the initial confirmation email, reminder email, or your online calendar (only if appointments are saved in your calendar).  To be able to view (and adjust) all your upcoming appointments, register as follows:
  • Click “Change/Cancel” (Cancel or Reschedule will appear)
  • Click “Register for an Account” (Follow directions to create account)
NOTE: If your complete list of appointments is not displayed after registration, please text or email the studio.