Listen to students' experiences at Bemish Green Piano Studio.



“Our girls started taking piano lessons with Edward when they entered first grade. They both have made tremendous progress since then. Being familiar with European music teaching methods, we are very impressed with the curriculum here. Edward is a great teacher with endless patience.”  

Tibor & Erzsebet I. (Students: Reka, age 9; Izabella, age 7) Pelham, NH  

 “I’ve been a student of Green Piano Studio for several years now. Having studied music theory, composition, sight reading, sight singing, and keyboarding skills with Mr. Bemish, I can tell you this: Mr. Bemish will expect nothing less from you than the best musician you can be. The training is rigorous and thorough, but moves along patiently as you master the material. Responsive and attentive to my needs as an adult learner... this is not your average piano and music training!” 

 Dan W. (age 47) Lowell, MA

“After many years of lessons with Mr. Bemish, I have been taught a lot about music and playing the piano. He first makes sure that I understand music theory, which helps me play the piano. He also starts teaching classical music first, which allows me to play music from any genre I choose. Another amazing thing about his lessons is that he helps me develop a proper technique, and I think that is the most important part about piano. Mr. Bemish gives me the perfect musical education.”  

 Matthew K. (age 12) Windham, NH

“I am 63 years old and although I took a few piano lessons many years ago, there was very little I could play. I could barely read the notes. I found Edward on-line over a year ago and was impressed with his abilities and all that he had to offer a student. He will do whatever it takes to accommodate his students, and I am happy to say that because I am so excited to be learning the piano, I am increasing my lessons to twice weekly. Edward is one of the most patient and talented men I know. His easy-going personality adds fun and laughter to each lesson and his amazing love for music and the composers makes my travel through the art of playing the piano well worth the trip.”  

 Barbara S. (age 63) Pelham, NH 

Mr. Bemish has improved both of our kids' depth of musical understanding and appreciation. Our daughter and son both had piano instruction prior to joining Green Piano Studio. However, with Mr. Bemish, the growth in their technique and music theory understanding has been exponential. Mr. Bemish provides a complete musical experience from which both children have gained more confidence in their musical abilities.”  

Anonymous (Students: age 14 and 8) Methuen, MA

“Our 10-year old son has been taking piano lessons from Edward Bemish for 4 years. The thing we like most about Edward – that sets him apart from other instructors, in our opinion – is his unique approach to the piano lessons. It is clear that teaching piano is not just a job to Edward, but rather an opportunity to share his love for the piano, and music in general with his students, and to help develop that same love and appreciation within them. Lessons are tailored to develop the students as a whole, rather than in a generic cookie-cutter format focused on progressing through a book in a set amount of time. It has been a great delight to watch our son grow from a ‘not particularly interested’ novice into someone with a unique sense of self as a musician; someone with definitive musical interests, tastes, favorite composers, as well as a passion for composition.”

Debbie & Bryan P. (Student: Michael) Windham, NH

“I am learning more than just playing the piano. I am learning to hear music, to understand music, and to perform music. My preconceived notions of the piano and bad practice habits have been redirected into the enjoyment of making music.” 

Dave L. (age 50) Hudson, NH

“We are delighted with the music education our son is getting at Bemish Green Piano. Every week he is challenged to do his best with a curriculum that is tailored specifically for him. We wanted more for our son than ‘piano lessons’. With Mr. Bemish he is truly getting the full one-on-one music training we had hoped for. I feel he will come away from this with a deeper understanding of the piano and the music that it makes, than he would have gotten anywhere else.” 

Steve & Lynne P. (Student: Kenny, age 9) Pelham, NH

“It has been a lifelong dream of mine to play the piano. My husband started making this dream a reality by surprising me with the purchase of a piano... and now Edward is helping me complete this dream. I have to say that I have learned more from him in the year and a half I have been studying with him than in the previous five years (with other instructors). Edward has a great gift as a musician and a teacher. What separates him from the rest is his patience and the love he has for his job. He never gives up explaining a difficult concept... I look forward to many more years of lessons...”

Rachel L. (age: adult) Londonderry, NH

“My biggest regret in life as an adult was never learning to play an instrument. Now in my forties, I am taking piano lessons with Edward and slowly that regret is being washed away. His course of study is methodical and effective. He tailors his instruction to each individual and their pace of study. I have since brought both of my daughters who are studying with Edward as well. Piano has become a part of our family’s lives and has brought a lot of joy and accomplishment to myself and my children. I would recommend anyone who is interested in learning the piano to take lessons at Bemish Piano Studio.” 

Ed A. (age 40), Abigail (age 9), Audrey (age 6) Windham, NH

“I am 7 years old and I play the piano. Mr. Bemish is a great piano teacher. He is very patient. My parents think he is a saint!”  

Spencer D. (age 7) Nashua, NH 

"For the serious piano student, annual progress will be experienced at Bemish Green Piano. Where you will receive a detailed driven course of study, yet personalized. Where technique is evaluated and honed to improvement utilizing Hanon's and Mr. Bemish's exercises. Where music theory is drilled to establish foundation and logical application. Repertoire is varied by style and acceleration. A challenging course of study. I had no previous experience when I started 6 years ago." 

 Suzanne K. (age 58) Pelham, NH 

“Mr. Bemish introduced me to countless new genres and styles of music, many of which I never would have encountered otherwise, and it has played a major influence on me. I have expanded my musical interests, and now when I write songs myself, I try to incorporate these other styles. Without Mr. Bemish, I definitely wouldn’t be the same person I am today, and I appreciate everything he has done for me!”  

Aaron W. (age 18) Windham, NH