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1. What are your business hours?

The studio is open Monday - Thursday: 10am – 9pm, Friday: 10am – 6pm, and Saturday 10am – 3pm. The studio is closed on Sunday.

2. How much is tuition?

Click here for tuition information. Additional durations and customized scheduling is available upon request.

3. What payment methods are accepted?

Monthly tuition may be paid by cash, checks, debit cards, and major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.

4. Are there any other costs besides lessons?

When a student begins, we have music books, metronomes, and other materials available for purchase. Also, we recommend having your piano tuned at least once a year, and can recommend reputable tuners in your area who provide this service.

5. Where are the lessons held?

In-person lessons are taught at Bemish Green Piano Studio, LLC, located at 188 Central Street, Hudson, NH, 03051. Online lessons are available for your convenience. In-home lessons are available upon request.

6. Who will the instructor be?

At this time, the instructor is Edward J. Bemish, professional pianist and owner/manager of Bemish Green Piano Studio.

7. What type of piano is in the studio?

All students have the opportunity to study and perform on our 5-foot baby grand piano.

8. How will I know if my child is ready to begin lessons?

We’ve worked with many children and have found that by the age of five or six, they have often developed the necessary coordination and cognition to begin piano lessons. The ability to sit in one place for 30 minutes, good manual dexterity, and, most importantly, an expressed interest in learning to play the piano are all signs that a child is ready to begin lessons.

9. How often do you recommend taking lessons?

Typically, students attend lessons weekly and may choose the duration they prefer: 30-minutes, 45-minutes, or one hour. Additionally, we offer customized scheduling for those students interested in attending less frequently and/or longer lesson durations.

10. How do I sign up for lessons?

We are pleased to offer a 30-minute introductory lesson for you or your child. Please Contact Us at (603) 235-9378 or Bemish@GreenPiano.com.

11. Is there a waiting room for parents?

Yes, there is an area for parents to wait during the students lesson.

12. May I attend my child's lessons?

When your child first begins, we encourage parents to attend the lessons to observe first-hand what your child is learning. In some cases, children become distracted by their parent’s presence in the studio, so it is at the discretion of the parent and the teacher as to whether it is appropriate for the parent to attend the lessons. Ultimately, lessons are provided on a one-to-one basis.

13. How much time should be spent practicing?

Typically, we recommend that daily practice be approximately the same duration as your lesson. For example, if your weekly lesson is 30-minutes, then you would benefit from practicing approximately 30-minutes each day.

14. Are there any special requirements for the room where practice takes place?

Quality practice requires focus and concentration. The practice environment should be quiet, comfortable, and free from any distractions that may interfere with the student’s concentration. Distractions can include TV, family members, and phones or other electronic devices. If your piano is in a high-traffic area, then we recommend moving it to a quieter room, if possible.

15. Can a digital keyboard serve in place of an acoustic piano?

Yes, whichever you have available and are most comfortable with. Acoustic instruments are preferable, but not always practical for every student.

16. Which piano should I buy and how much will it cost?

We offer consulting services, which includes travel, to help ensure the buyer is choosing the appropriate piano before finalizing the purchase. There are many considerations before purchasing a piano, including budget, location, and objectives. To discuss further, please Contact Us.

17. Do you offer lessons during the summer?

Yes, lessons are taught year-round. We have a fun and exciting summer program where students learn to play music of their choice. We also continue accepting new students, beginner through advanced. Additionally, we offer flexible scheduling alternatives to accommodate student's summer vacations.

18. Do you hold piano recitals?

Yes, recitals are typically held annually, during which students have the opportunity to perform on a concert grand piano.