Edward J. Bemish

Pianist, Teacher, Composer


  • Beginning his childhood surrounded by music, Edward began showing his musical aptitude for piano by the age of four. Influenced by his father and sister, he acquired a keen curiosity for the keyboard that would lead him to where he is today – a published composer, accomplished musician, and much sought-after piano instructor.
  • By age 14, Edward knew he would seek a life in music, and had already taught himself to play advanced pieces by some of his favorite musicians, such as Ludwig van Beethoven and Billy Joel. At 15, he purchased a brand-new digital piano, which he then used to perform his first professional engagement in 1993.
  • Although he had been composing and improvising since childhood, he was still unable to read music. He realized that to continue advancing, he would require formal education, and enrolled in private piano lessons. Before graduating high school in 1996, Edward had copywritten several original compositions and was also teaching piano lessons.
  • In 2001, Edward founded Bemish Green Piano Studio, and has provided over one hundred thousand lessons to-date. He has worked with students of all ages and levels, some of whom have advanced to teach and perform professionally. Teaching for Edward is more than a career – it is his vocation and passion.
  • In addition to teaching, Edward has been a professional performing artist for nearly 30 years. He has successfully performed at hundreds of venues throughout New England and New York, and has also worked with several bands throughout his career. Edward is held in high regard by his students, colleagues, and audiences.
Piano Teacher "Family" Tree
Notably, this continuous teacher-to-student lineage has endured for over 200 years through the following musicians:
Beethoven – Czerny – Liszt – Sauer – Maurina-Press – Estrin – Bemish...

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